Eden Project secures funding for geothermal project

The Eden Project, Cornwall’s visitor attraction in St Austell with two biomes, will start drilling the first well for their pioneering geothermal heat and power project in summer 2020. Together with partner EGS Energy Ltd. The Eden Project has secured a £16.8 million sum from a mixture of public and private sources.

Eden Co-founder Sir Tim said: “Since we began, Eden has had a dream that the world should be powered by renewable energy. The sun can provide massive solar power and the wind has been harnessed by humankind for thousands of years but because both are intermittent and battery technology cannot yet store all we need there is a gap. We believe the answer lies beneath our feet in the heat underground that can be accessed by drilling technology that pumps water towards the centre of the earth and brings it back up superheated to provide us with heat and electricity.”

The £16.8 million funding will pay for the first well, a research programme and a heat main. The well will initially supply a district heating system for Eden’s Biomes, offices and greenhouses. In the second phase another 4.5km well and an electricity plant is planned, which will mean that Eden will be generating sufficient renewable energy to become carbon positive by 2023 as well as aiming to be able to provide heat and power for the local area.

Image: Pixabay

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