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The Story of Aidan McAnespie | Killed During The Troubles by Soldier, David Holden | Amnesty UK

📣 The family of Aidan McAnespie have secured justice, 34yrs after a British soldier, David Holden, killed Aidan during the Northern Ireland Troubles.

The UK Govt wants to stop other families getting justice ❌

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*Video originally from March 2022, hence some lines around timing may be out of date.

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Aidan McAnespie was fatally shot by a solider on his way to a Gaelic football match in Northern Ireland in ’88 during the Troubles. 34 years later, the family have finally secured trial into his death which will conclude tomorrow.

The trial represents the due process that the UK Government is seeking to shut down for victims, by introducing a new Troubles law which would introduce a de-facto amnesty for human rights violations committed during the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The plans would:

1. Interfere with the justice system, undermine the rule of law
2. Exacerbate the pain felt by victims who have been fighting for decades for truth justice, and accountability

Soon, victims could be permanently denied justice.

“Every grieving family deserves a chance for justice.” Sean McAnespie, brother of Aidan McAnespie

The UK must abandon plans to legislate for impunity.

No one is above the law.

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