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Survival of the richest: It's time to fight inequality by taxing the rich | Oxfam GB | Oxfam UK

On the tail end of a pandemic, the majority of us are now living through a cost-of-living crisis. Millions of people are facing hunger. Millions more face impossible rises in the cost of basic foods. And heating our homes is not affordable for many.
But this is more than a cost of living crisis, it’s an inequality crisis. A symptom of an unequal economic system. One that prioritises profits and sees billionaires and big business profiting more than ever. While most people, especially those living in poverty, pay the price.
Let’s push governments to make better choices. So that those who profit the most, who can afford it the most, foot the bill for a fairer and more equal world. One that benefits everyone. Find out more


Written by Option

Option ist eine idealistische, völlig unabhängige und globale “social media Plattform” zu Nachhaltigkeit und Zivilgesellschaft, 2014 gegründet von Helmut Melzer. Gemeinsam zeigen wir positive Alternativen in allen Bereichen auf und unterstützen sinnvolle Innovationen und zukunftsweisende Ideen – konstruktiv-kritisch, optimistisch, am Boden der Realität. Die Option-Community widmet sich dabei ausschließlich relevanten Nachrichten und dokumentiert die wesentlichen Fortschritte unserer Gesellschaft.

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