Bristol sustainable student start-up raises £2.35 million in funding

LettUs Grow, a start-up by a group of University of Bristol alumni, has secured £2.35 million in seed funding to grow and develop their farming company, in an investment round led by Longwall Venture Partners LLP.

LettUs Grow works with a sustainable vertical and indoor farming system with efficiency-boosting technology that reduces water and fertiliser usage in agriculture. The system uses a new technology to bathe plant roots in a nutrient-dense mist. Due to water recapture and reuse, the LettUs Grow system uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture, needs no pesticides and can be set up anywhere in the world: from cities to deserts.

Charlie Guy, Managing Director of LettUs Grow, said: “We’re seeing rising demand from around the world for new technologies to help farmers grow crops in ways that mitigate against the effects of climate change and ever-increasing extreme weather events. This investment gives us a platform to really accelerate in 2020 and scale-up the delivery of our game-changing technology to farmers across the country.”

In August 2019 Charlie Guy was awarded £30,000 at the Shell Enterprise Development Awards for national ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’.

Image: Pixabay

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