BBC goes green

The BBC is planning a whole year of special climate change coverage. Under the BBC’s Our Planet Matters banner, BBC News and wider programming will explore all aspects of the environment and challenges facing our planet.

BBC Director of News, Fran Unsworth, says: “The challenge of climate change is the topic of our age and we will be at the heart of the debate. Our audiences around the world have long been affected by the science, politics, business and human impact of climate change.”

Global climate podcast

BBC News will introduce new programmes and services, including Climate Check from BBC Weather, a weekly global climate podcast from BBC World Service as well as events and debates which aim to bring together experts from around the world to highlight the most pressing issues about the climate. Anita Rani, for example, will build on the success of past series with War On Waste 2020.

On BBC News, Sir David Attenborough kicks things off with an interview for BBC News Science Editor David Shukman. Sir David says: “We have been putting things off for year after year. As I speak, southeast Australia is on fire. Why? Because the temperatures of the Earth are increasing.”

Own commitment

As well as programming, the BBC will also step up its own commitment to creating a positive environmental impact by working towards making its operations carbon neutral. “We are very aware of our own impact on the environment and our responsible travel policy means we only fly when necessary,” says BBC Director of News, Fran Unsworth.

The BBC has already reduced the carbon footprint by 78% last year after beginning to purchase renewable electricity to match that used at their major sites. By 2022, the BBC also aims to reduce energy use by 10% whilst sending 75% for recycling.

Image: Pixabay

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