Wrap your gifts in fabric

Keeping in mind that some wrapping paper can’t even get recycled – like shiny or metallised ones – what’s the alternative?

Wrapping gifts in fabric does not only give your gift a unique touch. It also saves a lot of unnecessary waste at the same time. The fabric wrap can be a present as well – or you can politely ask if you can reuse it again.

Lush for example started using Knot wraps, which are inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki, already for years. Furoshiki was originally used to bundle clothes in public baths so that they would not mix up, however, it was later also common for merchants to transport their wares or decorate a gift.

How to do a knot wrap?

There are many videos available online on how to wrap gifts in fabric.

Simple & Elegant Fabric Gift Wrapping for Mother’s Day

FREE GIFT WRAPPING ONLINE COURSE ?Join my FREE online course to learn 3 fun & easy cherry blossom themed gift wrapping projects! Learn more about the art of gift wrapping in Japan in our FB Group: Check out my Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Playlist for more tutorials: What if I tell you that you can make this beautiful furoshiki gift wrapping under 3 minutes spending only $1/100yen?

How to wrap: Two bottles

Learn how to Knot Wrap two bottles with this simple, step-by-step guide. 1. Place two bottles on their sides on the bottom corner of your Knot Wrap. 2. Wrap them by rolling into the centre. 3. Continue to roll all the way up to the top. 4.

Image: Pixabay

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