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Trump, the biggest mistake in the history of American politics

Trump, the biggest mistake in the history of American politics

Hey awesome people,

in this blog I´ll tell you all the important facts about Trump, for example how he became president, why many people like him so much and what the next presidential election in November will look like. So if you are interested this blog is exactly what you are looking for.

We all know exactly who Donald Trump is and how weird his hair looks;), but the question many of us have probably asked ourselves is how a person like him could become president of the United States of America! Before Trump came into politics, the 74 years old American guy with German-born parents was an investor. In 2009 he joined the Republicans and a few years later he was nominated as a Republican candidate for the presidential election in 2016. His goal: he wanted to be a great leader for the American people and “Make America Great Again” as Ronald Reagon used to say. On November 8th 2016 it was decided that Donald Trump would be president and many people couldn´t believe what had happened. Although his rival Hilary Clinton had more votes than him in percentage terms with the help of the electors, he was able to win the election.

As American president, Trump is known worldwide but America´s attitude towards him is divided. On the one hand he is the perfect president, on the other hand, he is the biggest mistake in the history of American politics. But why is Trump still so popular with a large number of people? In spite of the fact that there are new rumours about him almost every day, there are always people who stand behind him and support him. They say they feel that he understands them and they can identify with his personality and see him as “one of them”.

Soon it will be time to vote again and the Americans have to decide who should govern their country for the next four years. On 3rd November this year, the presidential elections will take place. This time, it seems that Trump’s position as president is no longer as secure as initially assumed. Trump’s opponent, the democrat Joe Biden,  is better received by the people than Trump, because of the President´s horrendous Corona crisis management. The conflict between Democrats and Republicans is getting worse and worse and the hard TV duels between Trump and Biden have started controversial debates at a new level of verbal fighting. Now it’s the choice of the American people: what do they want? We will soon see who they put their trust in.

In conclusion, you can stand by Trump if that’s in accordance with your values. He is a simple man, who came to power with some luck, finally found the right strategy, got many supporters and became a powerful politician. However, we do not want to rushing anything without having up to date with all the crucial information. Lets see what the future will bring and what the election in November will look like.

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Written by Viktoria Schefzik

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