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Liberals or Conservatives?

Is liberalism the better option or conservatism? Let me tell you a few helpful aspects of theses ideologies so you can decide which side you rather tend to.

The mindset of a liberal justice is based on the concept that each person is an individual. Liberals want everyone to be treated equally. Let’s look at the example of taxes here. The majority of liberals want everyone to pay them, so everybody has the same rights. Another example would be the military. Liberals want an army but one that does just the base services and that treats each American citizen in the same way. Furthermore, they want to give women the chance to decide between an abortion or keeping the baby because every person should have the equal right to choose what life they want to lead. All in all, you could say that liberals want peace and that nobody is disadvantaged.

Conservatives are of the opinion that the country should hold up old fashioned traditions and customs as the most crucial part of society. They don’t like change and they want everything to stay the way they are used to. A few examples for this ideology would be that they are very big supporters of guns and love a powerful military, which represents their country. Besides that, they’re also against regulations, because the more regulations you have, the more frictions on the economy. And that would mean, that it’s harder to start a business, it makes it harder to grow, it makes it more expensive to do thing. That more than anything else signifies for them an impossibility in living the American Dream.

Finally, here’s what you should say if you want to convince people of the other ideology of the importance and righteousness of your ideas:

For liberals you should use a care/harm and fair way of talking because they want to put themselves in your situation in order to understand you.

With the conservatives, on the other hand, rely on authority, purity and degradation since they only look at the situation itself and probably don’t want anything to do with you privately. 

I personally agree with liberals, because in my point of view everyone should be regarded as an individual and I’m also of the opinion that people should be allowed to choose whatever life they want for themselves with the government supporting any choices. 

Which side would you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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Written by Sophia

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Every side has its own opinion

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