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How Bath Uni engineer Nav made poverty-busting washing machines for under $30 | Oxfam GB

Bath University engineer Nav Sawhney made a poverty-busting washing machines for under $30 after discovering how much time and effort women and girls had to spend to wash clothes.

“A mother or a child doesn’t have to spend 20 hours a week hand washing clothes,” says Nav Sawhney, a Bath University student.

Nav has created a new, manual, portable, washing machine. Together with the Iraq Response Innovation Lab, Oxfam is installing 50 of Nav’s machines in an Iraqi refugee camp.

Divya, a woman Nav met in southern India, first sparked the idea when she explained the struggle of washing clothes without a machine. This time-consuming, physical burden is often shouldered by women and girls in developing countries.

Now, Nav’s washing machines – which he named Divya after the woman who inspired them – could free up time for women and young girls to pursue education and paid work.


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