Everything Halloween touches, turns to plastic

UK Halloween celebrations will generate over 2,000 tonnes of plastic

waste from clothing and costumes alone this year, a Fairyland Trust and Hubbub survey shows. 83% of the material in 324 Halloween clothing items of 18 retailers were found to be made of oil-based plastic.

Halloween shop displays that it almost seems that these days, “everything Halloween touches, turns to plastic”.

The study finds that 30m people dress up for Halloween. 7m Halloween costumes are thrown away in the UK each year, and globally less than 13% of material inputs to clothing manufacture are recycled and only 1% of clothing textiles are recycled into new clothes.

The report states that ‘unless retailers and manufacturers take action to increase the use of nonplastic alternative fibres such as cotton, viscose and lyocell/tencel’ the huge plastic-waste footprint of

Halloween ‘is likely to continue’, and calls for ‘better and consistent labeling’ as many consumers do not even realize that materials like polyester are in fact plastic.


Image: Pixabay

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