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Every side has its own opinion

Every side has its own opinion

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a prominent idol for women’s rights, has died of cancer at the age of 87. She was one of four liberal justices of the US Supreme Court and has been one for 27 years. But what is a liberal person? Here is where you can find out more about liberals and conservatives, what their differences are and what they represent.

Liberals and conservatives have totally different ideologies. It already starts with care and equality. On the one hand, there are the liberals who think that care must be a top priority so every person, regardless of skin colour or origin, should be treated equally and cared for by the government. For conservatives, patriotism is much more important. For example, if refugees want to migrate to the USA, conservatives believe that they are not typical Americans and they cannot live the American dream. Basically, liberals and conservatives have an opposing approach to dealing with a people.

Guns are another important issue between liberals and conservatives. Liberals think that the police should control those guns itself. On the other hand, conservatives think, that guns are not the real problem. They claim that it depends on how people deal with guns, so they basically want more gun rights. It is the same as with the military: for conservatives it should be tougher and stronger. Both sides want more safety for the state but in their own ways.

There have always been differences between liberals and conservatives in terms of their brain structure, but the dissimilarities run much deeper than was expected. An MRI brain test showed that liberals have a larger anterior cingulate cortex, so they can understand conflicts way better, while conservatives have a better developed amygdala, so they have a different way of dealing with fear. After 9/11 the majority of conservatives have been looking for better social security. They also have different cognitive styles which means that liberals are more flexible, while conservatives are more structured.

Due to those differences in opinion and the current tendency of polarization in people’s political views, communication between these two parties is becoming exceedingly misunderstood. Since the US will work better if these parties work together, though, compromises will have to be made in order to achieve anything for the population of the US in the next few years.  I hope I got you thinking on the topic


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Liberal and conservative justices

Liberal and conservative justices

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