Coca-Cola presents first bottle with 25% recycled marine litter

Introducing A World-First: A Coke Bottle Made With Plastic From The Sea

Uploaded by The Coca-Cola Co. on 2019-10-03.

New recycling technologies shows how low-quality plastic can be transformed into high-quality food-grade packaging. About 300 Coca-Cola sample bottles have been produced using 25% of recycled marine plastic that were collected at beach clean-ups.

Coca-Cola extended a loan to Ioniqa Technologies in the Netherlands to help scale its proprietary enhanced recycling technology. The innovative processes break down the components of plastic and strip out impurities in lower-grade recyclables so they can be rebuilt as good as new.

As a result, lower-grade plastics that were often destined for landfill can now be used for recycling. Because more materials are available to make recycled content, this would reduce the amount of virgin PET needed from fossil fuels, and resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

From 2020, Coca-Cola plans to roll out the new recycled content in some of its bottles.

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Written by Sonja

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