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AmnestyUK Ambassador Nazanin Boniadi speaks up for human rights in Iran at UN | Woman, Life, Freedom | Amnesty UK

🕯️Last Wednesday marked 40 days since #Mahsa_Amini’s death

#مهسا_امینی #زن_زندگی_ازادی

📣 Listen to Amnesty UK ambassador Nazanin Boniadi at the United Nations HQ

We are in solidarity with #WomanLifeFreedom in Iran. We are calling the UK Gov to help lead at UN Human Rights Council to end the crisis of impunity.

UN Human Rights Council must hold perpetrators to account.

⁉️ Why does the UN Human Rights Council have a part to play?

For decades, human rights abuses and serious crimes under intl. law in Iran have gone:

Victims and families have received no justice = #impunity. The @UN_HRC needs to step up for Iranian people

⁉️ So what should the UN Human Rights Council do?

1 – Listen to Iranian people and it’s own experts,of%20force%2C%20torture%2C%20and%20enforced
2- Organise a special session on Iran
3- Set up an independent UN mechanism now to investigate and ensure accountability for the most serious crimes

⁉️ But what would this international mechanism for Iran do?

🔍 Investigate crimes under intl. law and human rights violations
🧰Gather & preserve evidence + share it with national, regional and international courts
📣Report on patterns and perpetrators

Iranian people are calling for human rights and Woman, Life, Freedom. Without the international community acting, countless more men, women and children are at risk.

The UN Human Rights Council can take meaningful human rights action now

YOU can take action too ✊



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