102-year-old released his first album

You are never too old … this heart-warming story proves it once again. 

At age 99, Alan Tripp wrote the poem “Best Old Friends” in the US-retirement community where he lives. The song is about the many new friends he made there. As a birthday present for his 100th birthday, his 88-year old neighbour Marvin Weisbord, who is a jazz pianist, set the poem to music.

That was the spark that inspired this dynamic songwriting. Alan had long lamented that there was no new music being written for seniors. So he started to write more lyrics. Marvin, together with his band, the Wynlyn Jazz Ensemble, performed the songs live for their enthusiastic neighbors, and fine-tuned each number to the “swing of the crowd.”

At age 102, Alan decided to take the songs into the recording studio and produce an album. The result is “The Senior Song Book – music that will transport you back to the 1940s, with lyrics written in the 2020s”.

You can buy the album and find song samplers as well as the lyrics here:

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Written by Sonja

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